Emergency Tree Removal

New Growth Tree Care, LLC of Greater St. Paul, Minnesota is readily available to provide services to our valuable customers in the Greater St. Paul, Minnesota area. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured to offer full service, professional tree care and arboricultural services at an affordable cost. New Growth Tree Care, LLC is a reputable professional in the industry where many locals turn to when their trees require expert services. Our experts are completely trained, experienced and skilled and have continued with ongoing training to use cutting edge technological advances and technology to improve trees health and beauty. We are there when your tree requires storm damage cleanup, diseased tree diagnostics, removal, stump grinding, trimming, pruning, and more.

Tree Storm Damage, Disease & Other Removal Needs

New Growth Tree Care, LLC offers tree removal services for our customers in Greater St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding areas. There are many reasons that could call for your tree to be removed. Problems requiring tree removal can include the following examples; dead or dying tree, disease consumed too much of the tree, tree has endured excessive pest damage, storm has destroyed a tree, tree is invading sewer or septic tanks, encroaching onto electrical lines, or other plumbing pipes, landscaping renovations, tree crowding, or growing too closely to a structure. Additionally, New Growth Tree Care, LLC offers emergency tree removal if a tree is potentially hazardous. No matter the circumstances the need for tree removal, it is important that when removing the tree, that it is done safely to avoid property damage and most importantly, ensure safety to people and pets.

Emergency Tree Removal & More in Minneapolis, Maplewood & Greater St Paul, Minnesota

Call New Growth Tree Care, LLC for all your tree care needs including tree trimming, pruning, removal and more in St. Paul, Minnesota.