Pruning Tree Branches & How to Trim a Large Tree Without Killing it in Minneapolis, MN

Homeowners spend a decent amount of time in their yards every year to keep landscaping and lawns manicured and well kept. Part of your yard work should always include proper maintenance of your trees. Trimming them correctly will determine their health and longevity. When your trees are properly manicured, they can add beauty that is difficult to get any other way. New Growth Tree Care is here to share some tree trimming tips to help you keep your trees healthy.

Proper Pruning Techniques is Essential

Not matter what type of tree you have in your yard, it needs to be pruned from time to time. Proper pruning involved removing any dead branches or branches that are broken as well as those showing signs of disease. If you have a young tree, it needs to be pruned every year for the first three years of its life. This will help you balance unruly, unbalanced growth.

Use the Best Tree Pruning Tools

When it comes to pruning trees, using the right equipment is essential. If you are pruning branches that are under ¾ inch in diameter, small pruning shears will do the trick. For any branches that are over 1- 1½ inch thick should be trimmed using lopping shears. Sometimes, you will find that larger branches are needing removal and this should be done using a bow saw or pruning saw. Inevitably, you will need to do some pruning on branches that are high up in the tree, you can use a long-pole pruning saw to get the ones that are out of your reach with handheld tools.

Tips for How to Prune Tree Branches

Here are a few tips that will be good to know if you ever try to trim your own trees.
Be Aware of Crossing Tree Branches– When two branches are crossing over one another, it will cause problems as the wind blow. They will rub together and cause the bark to wear. Make sure you remove one or both of the branches crossing each other.
Errant Tree Stems– Many trees will have a competing stem that starts to grow. You need to remove these so that your tree doesn’t develop a weak, multi-forked trunk.
Upward/Downward Branches– If there are any branches that are not growing laterally, they can cause problems. They weaken rather than strengthen the tree and should be removed.
Broken Tree Branches– As soon as you notice any broken branches, you should work to remove them. Clean stubs are much less prone to disease and fungus.
Sucker Tree Branches– These are small perpendicular shoots that grow at the base of the tree. They are unattractive and should be pruned close to the trunk.

Tree Trimming Services & More in in Minneapolis, Maplewood & Greater St Paul, Minnesota

Trimming your trees properly is a big job. Not only that, it needs to be done with the right equipment to create clean stubs that will continue to keep your tree healthy as well as strong. The professional arborists at New Growth Tree Care have the extensive training it takes to keep your trees beautiful. Call us today!