Tree Removal Safety Tips in St Paul, MN; Dangers of Overhead Power Lines, Need for Equipment & More

Removing a tree is something that should be well thought out and never taken lightly. As much beauty as trees bring to this world, there are times that they need to be removed because of disease, storm damage or other safety issues. There are many dangers that come with removing a tree and it shouldn’t be done by anyone that doesn’t have the training to do so. New Growth Tree Care is here to talk about some safety tips that should always be acknowledged when a tree is being removed.

Overhead Power Lines Distance Guidelines

There are many times that trees are growing near power lines. In fact, if they are growing too close to power lines, this could be one of the reasons they should be removed. If you see that there are power lines near the tree that is being removed, you should always assume those lines are energized. Your utility company should be contacted and you should follow all instructions from them on how to protect yourself from the lines. According to OSHA, any tree that comes within 10 feet of a power line should be removed by two professionals. They should be within a realistic distance to communicate throughout the process.

Dangers of Cutting Down Trees in Inclement Weather

There is a reason that you are told not to be near trees in a severe storm. Tall trees stand as a beacon during a storm and the risk of getting struck by lighting is real. When you put yourself on a metal ladder near a tree during severe weather with a chainsaw in your hand, it is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided at all costs. Don’t ever try to remove a tree when the weather isn’t ideal.

Professional Tree Removal Requires a License & Proper Training

Tree removal can turn into a hazardous situation as the equipment needed to remove a tree can be dangerous when it is being used by someone without the proper training. You should have the training necessary to remove a tree with proper techniques. You need to have the experience it takes to understand which direction the tree will fall so you don’t cause damage or injury to other people and your surroundings. The many dangers of tree removal is the biggest reason this process is best left to a professional tree service.

Tree Removal Safety Equipment

Some of the safety equipment that you should be wearing during a tree removal include a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves and covered footwear to start. You will need to have a stable ladder to keep you safe during the process as well.

Emergency Tree Removal & More in Minneapolis, Maplewood & Greater St Paul, Minnesota

Since tree removal poses so many dangers, unless you have the proper training and experience, you should not attempt it on your own. The tree removal experts at New Growth Tree Care can safely remove any trees that may be a safety hazard on your property. Our skilled crew will be able to remove your tree without putting you or your loved ones in danger. We take great care in preparing the area to ensure that no other structures will sustain any damage as well. Call us today!